Remember when that ‘journalist’ from GQ did that interview with Twilight star Taylor Lautner if Gus Van Saint and Lance Black hit on him during a recent dinner, and the world went up in arms about it? Well what if he wasn’t asking because he thought gay man couldn’t help themselves in regards to hitting on the werewolf, but because he thought Lautner was gay himself?

Just kidding, obviously the interviewer was just a homophobic dick (See: his apology. Is this boy for real?), but that won’t stop us from thinking Tay-tay is gay-gay!

Look, the hands don’t lie. No one has that much natural jazz-hand action and plays for Barney Stinson’s team. He’s FULL Neil Patrick Harris!

There have been Blind Items about a gay Twilight cast member for months now and we always just assumed it was Kellan Lutz because, well, he looks like Kellan Lutz, but after we saw this Rockettes display by Lautner, we’ve changed our mind. Not to mention the fact that he did this while talking about Audry Hepburn.

What do you think, fellas? Do we have a chance with Taylor!?

Check out the video by clicking the picture below.