Sue Sylvester has introduced me to a lot of things (Adidas track suits, the art of being a winner, how to make people easily cry…), but if there’s one thing that stands out above the others, it’s the annoyance with sneaky gays.

Don’t know what a sneaky gay is? That’s because they’re hard to detect!  A sneaky gay is someone who is gay and out of the closet, but for whatever reason, your gaydar is broken on them, so you have no idea they’re gay.

Sneaky gay, as in, “John is GAY?! When did he come out?”  ”About 15 years ago.”   “I spend every week with him! How did I not know?”

In honor of my frustration with sneaky gays, and in honor of me not knowing the guy I’ve had a crush on at work for 3 years was gay until this morning when I overheard him talking about his new boyfriend that he’s already in love with, here are some Hollywood sneaky gays.

David Hyde Pierce
I honestly didn’t know  Fraiser’s little brother was gay until like two weeks ago. How did I never notice how many LGBT events he goes to in LA?! I must have passed him off as a gay friendly home boy, not a gay loving one!

Harvey Levin
Another one I didn’t know until like yesterday! I was watching TMZ Live and he said, “Bla bla bla, as a gay man…” Honey did my ears ever perk up! I googled it and yep, sure enough that sneaky mother fucker is into men 4 cock!

Aaron Samuels
The babe from Mean Girls plays for our team! We have a shot at LiLo’s sloppy seconds!!!

Matt Bomer
He has three kids with his HUSBAND, and no one knew he was gay for years. Now that’s sneaky!

The Red Head From Modern Family
I know he plays a gay, but I didn’t know he is a gay! I’m into the ginger, for sure.

Wentworth Miller
I guess after spending 3 years on a show where you’re in prison, it makes sense!

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