I’ve said on here a million times that I hate when people are in the closet. I know that there’s some circumstances that you feel you can’t (hello, homophobic father…), but when people are in situations where they are known gays and are WIDELY accept as one, but still deny it? Why, bb? I don’t understand!

So in light of my OMG-I-can’t-believe-they-cancelled-my-favorite-body-butter-at-Victoria’s-Secret (bitch you KNOW you shop there!), I’ve decided to do posts dedicated to obviously gay people who still claim to be straight. And I’m starting with the most obvious. Zachary Quinto.

Alright, let’s get the facts down. You’ve done a LOT of gay roles, you’re a BIG member of the LGBT community in Los Angeles, you protested in support of both NoH8 and the DADT repeal, and you fuck boys. Even if the first three things don’t prove you’re gay, the fourth sure does! I personally know people that have had gay sex him. Hell, I even know a Canadian girl named Nicki whose slept with him, but I’m sure if you asked her, even SHE would tell you he’s gay.

But if none of that is proof that boyfriend likes to get it in the rear (or give it in the rear.. whatever), then you must watch this video. I DARE you to tell me that milky substance isn’t suppose to be an overly obvious metaphor for cum! If I had that being sprayed at my face for a 56 second video, I’d be flinching and squirming and all around uncomfortable. But look how at ease he is with being shot in the face! There’s no way boyfriend hasn’t gotten loads like that before… He’s a natural at it!

This isn’t to say anything bad about ZQ. I’ve had a crush on him for YEARS. But if you’re going to fight for the LGBT community, wouldn’t it be a little more effective if you weren’t hiding in that well stocked closet of yours? We know you’re on our team, we just want you to wear our jersey! Come out and enjoy the light. Live long and be gay, dear Spock!


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