I can’t even count how many country town, horse riding, farm livingĀ gay cowboys I know. I’ve been lucky enough to ride a few myself, and they’re some of the kinkiest motherfuckers I’ve ever been with. So why is it that the soundtracks to their lives are all written by straight men? I want to turn on CMT and see one of the guys I see at the country gay bars. I want more gay country, dammit!

I can’t imagine what it’s like for a gay teen growing up, having all your idols be the straightest of the straight macho men that you’ve ever seen. I grew up on idols like Cher and Elton John, so when I started having urges to haveĀ gay sex, it was easy for me to deal with the feelings. But I think it would be the people who spend their lives looking up to people like Toby Keith that have a hard time dealing with their sexuality. You spend your youth wanting to be just like these people only to realize that you’re the exact opposite of what they stand for.

I want more gay country music! I want my little Texan and Nashville and Georgia gays to have someone to look up to! I want to see an Adam Lambert hit the country charts. And why not? Like I said, I know a ton of gay men, so I know there’s a market for it. And even if there wasn’t a single gay cowboy, there’s still the straights! Obviously you don’t have to be gay to like music from a gay singer… I still just want someone to represent our community in that world.

Think of the potential for the songs! If we could get a flamboyant enough person to take up this role, they will basically write themselves. Um, hello?! Reverse Cowgirl? I could totally hear that pumping through Random Ranch on Tuesday college nights! I already want to hear that song just based on the title, AND I JUST MADE IT UP! It’s not even a real thing and I’m still interested! Haha. But really, we’re at a point in the world where there shouldn’t be gays excluded from anything, let alone one of the biggest genres of music.

I don’t know how it happened, but rap music and country music have been known to be homophobic. Why these genres and not others, I have no idea. But I’d personally like to see it stop. Does everyone remember when Adam Lambert kissed a guy on ABC and they cut away so no one would see it? Well think of what would happen if that happened on CMT. There would be a total meltdown! The country music community is so closed off to gays that it actually makes me sad to think about. Not to say that every fan is homophobic, because that’s FAR from the truth, but it’s just not something that you would see in their world.

So here’s my call to Kenny Chesney and any other gay closeted country superstars like him. We’re going to accept you, baby! If you stop lying about your relationships (*Cough*fakemarriagetoReneeZellweger*cough*) and start dating people you actually want to be with, you’d have a grand old time! Ever wonder why the gay means happy? Because once you’re out life gets GREAT! We need a leader in the country music community, and I want someone to step up soon.

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