With the advent of the net and all the facility we have for finding products, services and online dating partners there really is no reason for anyone to do without. Even minority groups or people sporting specific fetishes can find like-minded partners to at least chat with, at most hook-up with. Gay men and women, at one time relegated to bathhouses, private parties or looking through the back-page personal ads of local alternative papers can now easily cruise the net for their local gay pick-ups.

Sure there is some thrill taken out of cruising of yore but looking digitally the safety and anonymity of the net assures no better way to surf for a pick-up. Culling gay hopefuls from any number of social networking sites strictly set-up for homosexuals by homosexuals, or even fettering out gay guys and girls from online dating sites, with such an increased population of dating potentials at our fingertips, easily searchable and looking to, there really is no better way to find a mate or date.

As it as always been the advertising world at large does not embrace a gay clientele over all. This is why the dating sites we see championing their success on nightly T.V, commercials show mainly heterosexual couples finding supposed nirvana in one another’s arms, but there are any number of gay couples hooking-up or at the very least lesbians and gay men finding partners for some casual sex and finding the usually very close to their own backyard. And all because they are looking in the very same places as hetero men and women do.

There is just something about looking on-line for a connection that makes people lead with honesty more than deceit. It’s a level playing field; no one has to know who you are, at first, why wouldn’t we be open to being as open as we can? Being able to dial in one’s zip code, assure that the gay man or woman we are looking for is indeed relatively local, determining if the person we are chatting with are either looking for a romance or a pick-up for a hook-up, makes the process so endearing for so many disenfranchised single people who have felt the full weight of societal scrutiny on their every movement, not to mention their intimacies.

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