These days there is so much for free on the net it’s any wonder people are paying for services and products at all. Sure we can increase our membership on a dating site and be allowed more access, but for the most basic hookups, looking for other people trolling for sex, just wanting to chat or find like-minded kinksters hitting a Saturday night play party seeking cock all any of us have to do is log-on and conduct a little search.

The net is also friendly for all persuasions, as gay people are finding to. Their ability to find free gay hookups draws lesbians and homosexual men on-line in record numbers to find companionships, possible dates and certainly some no strings sex. While it’s certainly true dating sites advertise people finding their soul mates, there is just as much hanky-panky going on and people keeping sites alive because of it.

What it comes down to time and again is facility and as we grow accustomed to better facility we want more of it.
If we can download music whenever we want to, and there a thousands of songs available to us, for free, we will download. If we have the possibility to not only reach a wide population of people of our specific sexual persuasion, can do so for a small amount of money or free, and can do so in the privacy of our own homes, why wouldn’t we avail ourselves of this facility? To be able to cull through potential dates, pick a few attractive hopefuls, have them hopefully respond to us, then in the back-and-forth of getting to know one another make our intentions plane is such a boon for any single people, but more so for minorities that have had to keep their sexuality or their intention hidden away for so long.

There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the socialization the net will allow. Myspace pales in comparison to Facebook which sees heavy competition now from Twitter; tomorrow there will be something else. We can access anything we want on the net portably and the speed with which we can send messages and receive replies really leaves no one wanting. Into this milieu all people march in their modern day dating and hooking-up, gay, straight and bi, with a multitude of motivations.

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