The world of gay dating actually consists of a lot of traditional things that straight couples do while going out together. It really is not some kind of bizarro world where very wacky things happen. It is stunning for a lot of straight people to realize, but homosexuals actually often enjoy the same activities that straight people do. They like to go out to nice restaurants, see movies, concerts and plays, go bowling, hop around different bars. Really, they are not aliens, they are merely attracted to the same sex. One crucial area, though, where things are a bit different is when it comes to sex. Homosexuals tend to want sex it right away. If things go well in bed, then they will often consider making a dinner reservation.


There are many who frown on the homosexual way of gay dating. They say it is cheap and salacious, empty, and not based on any kind of deep emotional connection. Homosexuals will counter that such an argument is complete bull and wildly delusional. They frequently assert that straight people are just jealous of their open-minded, free sexuality, and they very well may have a point. Gay dating is predicated on two things: first, that the best relationships are those where the sex is great, and secondly, that all relationships are not meant to last until death do you part.

The gay dating community is a realistic bunch. They understand that people grow and evolve, and that relationships between two people will be totally different a mere ten years down the road, let alone fifty. They are not believers in story book fairy tales like so many straight people. Life is short, so they take what joys they can at the moment, knowing that it may not last. And no relationship, in their view, has a chance in hell if the sex is not fantastic. So dinner can wait. Gay dating participants must first hop in the sack to assess what really counts.


Gays have more fetishes than one can count. They are certainly a horny bunch, simply overflowing with sexual energy and the urge to get naked. They have a more open mind about kink and allowing different things into the bedroom that straight people would not even think of. One does not want to make a blanket statement that all straight people are a bunch of complete sexual bores, but if you were to undertake some kind of random study of people’s bedroom habits, chances are extremely high that the gays would outscore the straights in the hot kink department by a very wide margin. One of the biggest things to get gays off is anything involving wrestling. Yes, the wrestling fetish is right up there near the top of the list when it comes to gay fantasies and what they want in their bedroom.


Let us start simply with the visual of the wrestler. That he walks around in a tight, cock-revealing singlet is totally the first thing that gets many gays off. Wrestlers not only have incredible bodies, but they are extremely comfortable showing them off. They do not think twice about strutting around in these bold outfits in front of family and friends, as early as high school. The fact that everyone can clearly see the outline of their cock is mysteriously not spoken about while they officially engage in the sport of manhandling another man on a sweaty mat. Yes, every single element of wrestling is about as gay as it gets. The gays can’t help but be swept up in the sexual energy of it all.


There is also a clear dominant vs. submissive dynamic to the sport, which totally plays into what gays enjoy in bed. Also, the fact that two men battle it out to see who wins is extra titillating. They start as equals, but one is ultimately the victor. Oh, yeah, plus there is all that grabbing and pressing of body parts, too. Yeah, the gays love wrestling action.


There is no question that it is much harder to grow up and come of age in our society as a Gay teenager as opposed to a straight teenager. Even in these days of acceptance and progression toward a more open minded society, children who are openly gay in grade or high school still have quite a rocky road to navigate as they make their way through the school systems on their way to freedom and adulthood.

Young gay men

Thankfully a time comes for all of us when we are no longer students who are subject to the rules and the difficulties of our schools, we are no longer minors who are subject to the rules and conventions imposed upon us by our well meaning parents, and we are no longer young gay men who must stay silent about our sexual orientation for fear of possible discrimination or aggression. Once we reach adulthood, we are generally free to be ourselves, to live where we choose to, to date whomever we would like to, and we feel usually no need to answer to anyone or to defend ourselves or our lifestyles. No, it is not a perfect world for gay men as a lot of prejudice and injustice does still exist, but there is no doubt that it is much better these days than it ever has been before.

Today, if we are a chubby, a twink, a bear or any other type of gay man, we do not have to walk on eggshells or skirt around the issue of our sexuality when we are out and about. We can simply go online whenever we choose to do so and enter the proper keywords to meet any man that we believe we would like to. There is nothing that is quite as wonderful as having the freedom to just be ourselves, and to be accepted and respected as such by our peers and the rest of our society.


The wild and wacky world of gay dating can take many very interesting turns. The homosexual world is generally a hell of a lot more interesting when it comes to relationships and sexual activity. Some would call it a more deviant slice of life, but that would be a harsh and morally righteous way of looking at things. Homosexuals simply often have a more honest and liberated point of view on the whole coupling thing. They are honest about needing more than one person till death due them part. Unfortunately, this honesty often does not translate to other areas of the gay dating life. Yes, there can be a lot of shadiness and trickery, along with some irritating, though amusing, self-delusion. One of the best examples of this is the idea of the gay sports bar. You know, that place where super masculine and wildly athletic homosexual men go to throw back a few beers. Yeah, right.

Gay bar

The whole masculine vs. feminine dynamic is a big part of the gay dating scene. You are generally seen as one or the other, with the masculine man usually seen as dominant while the feminine is deemed submissive. Sure, this is not a blanket rule, but it certainly is true more often than not. Homosexuals love their fetishes, too, and the idea of super masculine jocks has always been a huge turn-on. So when the idea first started popping up a decade or so ago for gay sports bars, it seemed like a great one. Masculine men would finally be able to cruise fellow masculine men under the same roof. Alas, there has been much disappointment in this department. For starters, many homosexuals don’t seem aware of how feminine they are. And these bars also tend to attract large feminine male populations seeking their big muscle daddy. The truly masculine and athletic often find themselves staring blankly into their beer. The legitimacy of gay sports bars is another sterling example of gay dating smoke and mirrors


One of the hardest things in life to do can be to adjust our jaded and cynical attitudes that have been developed over years and years of dating and navigating personal relationships. We tend to get weary and distrustful as we get older, and we have to make a very conscious effort to change our thinking as we undertake beginning the scary Gay dating process once again. Thankfully we have many great sites on the Internet to help us meet nice people, and possibly even find the partner of our dreams.

As we get older it is only normal that we have had more experiences both good and bad. We have probably been through many different relationships and may have felt the heartbreak and pain of a relationship that ends before its time, is thwarted by forces beyond our control, or simply changes and withers away. It is hard to us to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and continue on in a manner that is open, accepting and positive. After all, we are all shaped by our past experiences, in fact that they have made us who and what we are today.

Gay dating

It can take a lot of introspection, a lot of work and a lot of positive thinking for us to get to a point where we can approach dating with an open heart and an open mind. Once we get there, we can rest easy on the topic of finding nice people because the world wide web has more nice people than we could possibly ever run into using the old normal channels. Even with gay people making up a lesser percentage of the overall population, we will never run short of options on the Internet for whatever type of person or relationship that we happen to be looking for.

So perk up, dust off and give yourself a fresh start. You deserve it, you know you do.


Remember when that ‘journalist’ from GQ did that interview with Twilight star Taylor Lautner if Gus Van Saint and Lance Black hit on him during a recent dinner, and the world went up in arms about it? Well what if he wasn’t asking because he thought gay man couldn’t help themselves in regards to hitting on the werewolf, but because he thought Lautner was gay himself?

Just kidding, obviously the interviewer was just a homophobic dick (See: his apology. Is this boy for real?), but that won’t stop us from thinking Tay-tay is gay-gay!

Look, the hands don’t lie. No one has that much natural jazz-hand action and plays for Barney Stinson’s team. He’s FULL Neil Patrick Harris!

There have been Blind Items about a gay Twilight cast member for months now and we always just assumed it was Kellan Lutz because, well, he looks like Kellan Lutz, but after we saw this Rockettes display by Lautner, we’ve changed our mind. Not to mention the fact that he did this while talking about Audry Hepburn.

What do you think, fellas? Do we have a chance with Taylor!?

Check out the video by clicking the picture below.


Looks like Georgey boy is using his star power to attract some hot action!

One of the greatest gay icons of all times, George Michael, has been spending a lot of quality time with a new man lately… And he’s a former gay porn star! We can only assume that would mean that George is getting some of the best gay sex around.

The star’s name is Issac Mazar and he’s from the exotic land of Cazzo… Yum!

As you can see from the pictures, he’s gained a few pounds since his hay day, but we have faith that only adds to the size of his johnson (oh you see what we did there).

Take a look at the couple on vacation together earlier this week and the ultra-sexy pics of Mazar during his days in porn!

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Ok, so maybe that headline is a little misleading. This isn’t ‘evidence,’ but it’s definitely a well timed YouTube video! On Tuesday, we decided to hear the news we discovered about Joe Jonas having gay sex with one of Britney Spears’s back-up dancers, and now thanks to a thrifty MSC reader, we have our hands on quite the juicy video!

While Joey has been on Britt’s tour, he’s been doing meet-and-greets with members of the Jonas Brothers Fan Club (which charges $35 just to sign up and use their online forums to chat with other JoBro fans… Sounds a little too expensive for our liking!), and it looks like he enjoyed the company of a particular fella!

Watch this video of Joe checking out a gay fan in Paris earlier this month. Hot!



The Jonas Brothers have been called ‘gay‘ since they first hit the scene, but that was mostly a bunch of jealous high school boys misusing the word. But now that the trio is all grown up and have come into their own, could it be that one of them is, in actual sense of the word, gay?

We first started hearing gay rumors of the middle Jonai, Joe, back in 2009, but didn’t really think anything of it. Whenever there’s a good looking guy in a boy band, there’s always unsolicited rumors that they’re gay. Look at Justin Timberlake! There were gay sex rumors about him for before he silenced haters with his Cameron Diaz romance.

But now there’s word on the street that little Joey just might be a homosexual after all!

While on the European leg of Britney Spears tour, insiders are saying that he’s getting awfully close with one of Brit’s back-up dancers… And let’s just say they’re fully permitted to use the same bathroom.

Out of all those pretty, preppy girls Britney has on her tour, Joe has chosen a guy to spend all of his extra time with. And we’re not talking X-Box and guitar lessons.. we’re talking hanging out alone in the bunk of his tour bus for hours on end!

There has been talk before this about Joe getting close with gay friends of his, but it hasn’t been until now that the guy has actually ran his mouth about it. According to the insiders, the dancer has been telling everyone he’s on cloud 9 with Joe, and is waiting to take things to the next level. Steamy!

Although it’s not the man in question, check out the below video of Joe getting a lap dance on Britt Britt’s tour the other night– He looks awfully excited when that guy takes his turn grinding him!



We know there are some bi-curious men out there, and we wanted to know exactly how many guys were willing to try a little man-on-man action, and there are a lot more people out there with gay tendencies than we thought!

In a survey that polled 1.3 million men, over HALF of them said they’ve ever tried gay sex or at very least want to. That means there’s less than 50% of America are fully straight!

Only 49% of guys say they wouldn’t even consider having gay sex. 26% did it and liked it, 7% did it and didn’t like it, and 18% said they’ve tried, but it wasn’t for them. But keep in mind, this poll was only of men who consider themselves straight!

So where are the bi-curious men at?

According to the study, your biggest chance is in the North west, followed by the South West, then the North East, and ending with the South East.

Based on our experience, these numbers are pretty accurate. What do you think? Have you ever seduced a straight guy?